Waiver & Date of Birth Verification:


The undersigned is a participant or parent/guardian of the participant (referred to herein as either the “Participant”, or “I”) of FPSC fully understanding and appreciating the inherent risks involved in the program, including, without limitation, the risks inherent in the sport of skating and ice hockey. These risks include but are not limited to injury from skates, sticks, and collision with persons, parts of the facilities and training equipment. 


THEREFORE, for myself, or on behalf of my minor child, my heirs and legal representative, I do hereby release, indemnify and agree to hold harmless FPSC and its, agents, contractors, sponsors, promoters, trustees, directors, and volunteers, and their respective officers, directors, representatives, employees and agents, and all volunteers of and from any and all losses, costs, damages, claims, demands, rights, and causes of action of whatever kind or nature, including any and all negligence claims or causes of action which result from illness, personal injuries, property damage, death or of any other damages or injuries occurring during or as a result of participation in the FPSC program.


I do hereby consent to and authorize FPSC to obtain emergency medical treatment for me if I am injured during my participation in the event.  I agree that I will be responsible for any medical costs incurred with respect to such emergency medical treatment.  I acknowledge that FPSC, its sponsors and promoters, and their respective officers, directors, representatives, employees and agents, from and claim or cause of action whatsoever arising out of the administration of emergency medical treatment.


I agree to adhere to and abide by all safety rules and regulations of FPSC, including the wearing or use of any required safety equipment or clothing.


I have read the Waiver and Release and fully understand it as the parent or legal guardian of the child whose name is identified .  



Refund/Cancellation Policy 
  • Registrants may withdraw from the program by notifying FPSC, via email skate@fultonplaceskatingclub.ca prior to 4 weeks before the beginning of classes and receive a full refund minus administration fee
  • Refunds will not be issued within 4 weeks prior to the beginning of classes.
  • Any and all refunds will incur a $25.00 administration fee.
  • Any changes made to your program are subjected to a $25.00 administration fee per change.
  • Medical issues may be considered for cancellation however 50% of full fee will be retained for administrative purposes and must be accompanied by a doctor’s letter.

Terms and Conditions

  • Skaters may NOT switch between sessions.
  • If a skater is not able to attend a session a friend or sibling may not take their place.
  • Registration will be taken at the beginning of each class; if a skater attending a session is not registered in that session they will not be allowed to skate.
  • Preferred dates for small classes can not be guaranteed as there are only 10 spots in each small class. Small classes are randomly selected.



  • Please Note:Due to skaters not registering in the proper age groups we now need to verify each skater's date of birth.
  • To Verify Dates of Birth a birth certificate or passport  MUST be uploaded for each skater registering. You can not complete the registration without uploading a birth certificate. 
  • Birth certificate information is kept confidential


  • Fulton Place Skating Club's arena ice is allotted through the city of Edmonton. As such, registration for those who reside outside the city limits is limited
  • If you have an Edmonton address please proceed with registration.


2018/2019 Registration